The Key Benefits of Installing The ISEO 9100 Door Closer

The ISEO 9100 Automatic Door Closer

The Key Benefits of Installing The ISEO 9100 Door Closer

Iseo 9100 Door Closer

Commercial buildings constantly have traffic through them, from employees to clients and customers. The constant in-and-out flow of people could jeopardise your business if you don't have the right security measures in place. Door closers, especially automatic ones, will protect your building, while lowering your energy costs significantly. In this post, we look at the benefits of having an automatic door closer, such as the ISEO 9100, installed at your commercial building.

What Are Automatic Door Closers? 

Automatic door closers pull a door closed once people go through it. While normal door closers will naturally shut on their own due to the way they are installed, or due to wind pressure from the outside, there is no guarantee that those doors are closed when you want them to be.

Automatic doors, on the other hand, will automatically shut when not in use, keeping your building secure, and reducing energy costs.

What are the benefits of the ISEO 9100 Door Closer?

The ISEO 9100 automatic door closer serves several purposes in a commercial building, including:

By ensuring that the doors stay shut when not in use, they reduce the energy bills for the building. In addition, there will be no excess air coming in or going out due to open doors, making them ideal for commercial building with lots of open spaces.

  • It keeps a building secure. Workers or security personnel still have a keypad or other devices to lock the door, but the closer will make sure that only people who have access can enter the building. One the door closes automatically; unwanted intruders cannot access the building.
  • The ISEO 9100 door closer controls how quickly a door opens or shuts, preventing a door from suddenly opening or slamming shut on a windy day. This puts less strain on the door itself, something normal door closers suffer from, and creates a safer work environment for your workers.
  • A lot of commercial doors are heavy and very difficult to open without some assistance. The ISEO 9100 acts as an aid for opening doors so people do not struggle to enter/exit the building, making it great for disabled access.
  • During emergencies, it can be pushed open to allow for a steady flow of traffic, without having to worry about employees being trapped inside the building.
  • Finally, the ISEO 9100 automatic door closer helps create a better sense of security for people inside the building, greatly improving the work environment as a whole.

GDR Architectural: Your Automatic Door Solutions Provider 

Here at GDR Architectural, we specialise in supplying, installing, and servicing, a wide range of commercial solutions, including automatic doors.  To learn more about our range of commercial solutions,  contact the team at GDR Architectural today.

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