Record DFA127 FP EU F


Record DFA127 FP EU F

Fire door operator

GDR Architectural has added to its range of automatic swing door operators with the Record DFA 127. The Record DFA127 is a universal drive system for the automation of swing doors. The DFA127 is fire rated for both Pyropanel and E-Core fire doors so is a great solution for any situation.

Its universal qualities are the result of its electro-mechanical construction and modular design. When the door drive motor operates, it simultaneously tensions a spring integrated into the drive housing giving the full, normal function of the door even in a power out the situation as they unit runs like a standard door closer.

The intended uses of swing door automation are endless, but our common uses are for aged care facilities, public entrances for commercial buildings, improving disability access, integration into access controlled systems and compliant swinging of fire doors.

The DFA127 automatic drive system, by Record can automate hinge doors up to an impressive 450kgs with an energy power rating of EN4 to EN6. The DFA 127 can be used on aluminum, timber or glass doors making it a truly diverse operator from Record doors.

We have found the Record DFA127 to be one of the quietest and reliable solutions for automation of hinged doors on the market. The swing door operator meets the Building Code of Australia's requirements and has been tested to stringent European standards DIN EN16005 for durability and safety.

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