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Iseo Base Push Panic Hardware

Iseo Panic hardware

The Iseo range of panic hardware is available in two different models. There is the Iseo Base, best suited for full glass installation, where there is no mid-rail, whereas the Iseo Push exit device is suited for solid doors or doors with a mid-rail. Both the Iseo Idea Base and the Push emergency exit devices are certified according to the EN1125 standard.

The Iseo Idea Base and Push Anti germ push bars both have fluid motion operation and have the added advantage of being available in a bold black and red combination to make the product stand out rather than blend in. Both styles are rim latching, so no morticing is required to fit this crash bar to your fire egress or smoke stop doors.

The panic function is further enhanced by the AntiGerm antibacterial protection, a special treatment releasing silver ions for the entire life of the product, it requires no maintenance and makes this device perfect for being fitted in buildings in which hygiene and health protection are important and essential.

Because of the Iseo Base and Push anti-bacterial panic bar design, they are both compliant for egress doors from halls, shopping malls, hospitals, aged care facilities, airports and any commercial building requiring Building Warrant of fitness sign off for emergency exit and egress devices. The Push and Base units can be fitted with micro switches to activate alarms or give signals to notify of their use.

Both units can be used in many combinations from one point latching through to two plus two latchings. For double doors with a rebate, the two-plus one system allows full egress from the either leaf.

Using the Iseo trim handle, you can have access from the outside of the door via either a key or using the Libra Smart, electronic cylinder, which gives you a full audit trail, while always allowing egress from inside via the crossbar exit devices. 

For the ultimate solution, the crossbar exit device should be coupled with Iseo hydraulic door closers to give full closure to the fire or smoke cell. All the Iseo range of panic crash bars are carried ex stock and available for your compliance needs.

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