Best Access Control Systems and Servicing


Best Access Control Systems and Servicing

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Keeping your commercial premises safe and secure can be a struggle for many property managers. Knowing what access control system is right for your business will enable you to protect both your employees as well as prevent the exposure of confidential information or damage to intellectual property.

When you review the access control systems in your business, the first step is to look at your current process. Have you engaged in a regular service contract for access control? When it comes to restricting vehicle access, are you employing safety bollards? There are a number of commercial entry solutions available and GDR Architectural are fully qualified in the servicing of all models. Find out more below.

Access Control Servicing

Keypad Entry systems are simple but effective methods for restricting and controlling access at commercial properties. Ensuring these systems are operating effectively requires a regular service program. Access Control Servicing a regular servicing and maintenance program will help prevent unnecessary business interruptions, downtown, and staff safety.

Bollards for vehicle access control

Access control doesn't just include people. Control of vehicles is an equally important element. Bollards work as protective barriers to restrict access to vehicles and inform drivers of where they cannot go by marking boundaries. You can utilise ether fixed bollards or automatic bollards as a form of vehicle access control. GDR specialises in a range of automated entry solutions and servicing programs - contact us today if you need more information about which solution is right for your commercial property.

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