Benefits of the ISEO V364 Access Control System

Benefits of the ISEO V364 Access Control System

Commercial entry solutions


Commercial entry solutions have evolved to the point where they now provide a wide range of state-of-the-art security features for commercial space operators. Access Control Systems, such as the ISEO V364, allow you to control the level of access and automatically record entry and exit times as well as other automated processes.

Read on to find out more about the new ISEO V364 access control system!

Web-based access control

The core of the V364 access control system is embedded in a web server. There's no need to install any software or to buy a dedicated server computer: it's all in Atlas Box, a solid state pre-configured appliance, allowing the system to be up and running in minutes. V364 is secure thanks to its Linux operating system, which ensures stability and greater security from external threats or virus attacks. V364 also provides different login access levels for each system administrator.

Manageable via app or browser

The V364 web server gives you the freedom to manage and control accesses anywhere and anytime with no need to be in a dedicated client workstation. The app and browser version feature user-friendly interface to manage your electronic access control system, allowing you to set and alter access rights, add users, door groups, or retrieve reports from any mobile device or desktop computer.

Secures internal and external doors

The V364 access control system secures external gates with online readers, and internal doors equipped with offline, battery-powered devices. Access rights are updated through online validators or mobile validators. The online validators automatically change the user access rights data on the electronic key while opening the main facility door. Audit trails will be downloaded from the offline locks and stored on the electronic key while opening the internal doors. Then the data will be uploaded to Atlas at the moment of the electronic key validation.

The Atlas web server controller, combined with offline devices (such as the electronic trim set Aries, the electronic cylinder Libra, and the mechatronic cylinder F9000) delivers a cost-effective access control solution, ideal for small and medium-sized facilities.

Supports contactless Radio-Frequency Identification

V364 supports secure Mifare Desfire and Mifare Classic Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, with a customisable credential layout to easily accommodate into legacy credentials. F9000 mechatronic keys are suitable for environments at risk of explosions, as they comply with the ATEX directive and can be used also in a Master Key system with F9 mechanical cylinders. Installing F9000 cylinders doesn't require any wiring since the energy source is integrated into the key itself.

Traditional and role-based access control

In traditional access control, the access authorisations are directly assigned to each accessing user. With Role-Based Access Control, permissions are based on the roles that individual users have as a part of an organisation. Roles are closely related to the concept of user groups, simplifying complex access control policies and converging physical access control with logical IT security.

The ISEO V364 is easy to integrate

V364 is designed to easily scale with your needs and your budget. As your business grows, V364 will grow with you. You can add doors, more controllers for multi-site applications, and users to the system at any time. V364 connects multiple facilities on the same existing networking infrastructure, and integrates easily into your facility.

To learn more about V364, and the other automatic door solutions that we have to offer, contact the team at GDR Architectural today! Take your security seriously, and get in touch with the experts.

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