Gate Automation Leader FAAC Available Through GDR Architectural

Gate Automation Leader FAAC Available Through GDR Architectural

Gate Automation made easy

Automated entry solutions specialists GDR Architectural, with help from Access Automation NZ, are proud to make available the innovative range of FAAC gate motors. Among the most recognised names in hydraulic gate automation, FAAC boast a portfolio to cover virtually any possible security brief. Advanced production methods and an organisation built on quality and integrity has made FAAC one of the leading names in the industry.

Keep reading to learn more about the range of FAAC gate automation products available through GDR Architectural.

Who is FAAC?

With 50 years of industry experience, over 75 patents and no fewer than six certifications, FAAC have built a global reputation of performance, reliability, and price. Industry leading research and development have created a cycle of safety, quality, and innovation that has made FAAC the leading provider of access automation systems for a generation. FAAC has resisted pressure to relocate manufacturing facilities to China, ensuring the highest possible standards of quality are maintained. Commercial entry solutions have never been so elegant.

Gate automation is on the rise

Ever since the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 went into effect, New Zealand business owners have been seeking out new and innovative ways to keep their employees secure. The HSWA 2015 gave WorkSafe the authority to prosecute even indirect supervisors for unsafe work conditions, reaching all the way up to company directors. This resulted in a much higher demand for safety barrier systems, including gate automation. Efforts to secure commercial or residential areas with safety barriers or gate systems have proven to reduce property insurance premiums, providing financial incentive as well to ensure the absolute security of a property.

Gate automation can go a long way toward improving site safety. Often, just the appearance of a gated entrance at a facility can deter burglary attempts. The image of security gates can place a property in the “too hard basket”, wherein burglars consider a property too difficult to even attempt to break in to.

FAAC Gate Automation Solutions

Available through GDR Architectural, in cooperation with Access Automation NZ, FAAC has developed a range of elegant gate automation solutions for the New Zealand market. Specialising in both hydraulic and electromechanical gate operators, as well as high and low voltage solutions, FAAC offers the ideal gate motor for any situation.

FAAC has been investing heavily in the future, developing control boards for new models that feature configurable auxiliary outputs, refined diagnostics, and USB programmability. These new solutions can be fully integrated with PC networks, with advanced access control systems offering data logging and remote internet control.

Your gateway to greater security

Gate automation systems can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from slowing down truck traffic on a job site, to protecting homes from burglars. Whatever your reasons for investing in automated gates, FAAC has developed the ideal gate motor for your situation. From swinging gates to sliding, hydraulic to electromechanical, high voltage to low, their diversity of options is unmatched. If you are ready to invest in the security of your property, contact GDR Architectural today to learn more about FAAC's many ranges of gate automation solutions.

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