Multiblindo - Has Iseo Crafted the Perfect Door Lock?

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Multiblindo - Has Iseo Crafted the Perfect Door Lock?

Commercial entry solutions, high security multi point door lock

Multiblindo – Has Iseo Crafted the Perfect Door Lock?

What are you looking for in your high security multi point door lock? If you're looking for peak security combined with easy, convenient interface, then the Multiblindo door lock series by Iseo is the perfect choice.

Iseo, the trusted security products manufacturer based in Italy, has been providing solutions and applications for commercial entry solutions for companies around the world since 1969. Their Multiblindo security locks mark the latest step in a celebrated 50-year history of security innovation. With three different models – the Multiblindo Classic, Multiblindo Easy, and Multiblindo eMotion – Iseo has guaranteed that they can offer the perfect multi-point lock for any door. Be it an office, bank, hospital, laboratory, or shopping centre, Multiblindo offers guaranteed security and peace of mind.

Are Iseo's Multiblindo security locks the right choice for your business? Continue reading to learn more about the latest in entryway security solutions.

What is the Multiblindo lock series?

Multiblindo security locks are highly force-resistant, multipoint door locks. Featuring a stainless, nickel-plated steel apparatus, the Multiblindo locks are not just cut, drill, and impact resistant, but also sleek and attractive. Their secure latchbolts are certified maximum-security grade 7 (the highest possible score) and will resist any burglary attempt, however aggressive.

The deadbolts on a Multiblindo security lock are built with the Iseo-patented anti-lockpicking system. Not only are they impossible to crack, but also allow for easy, hindrance-free evacuation in case of an emergency. The automatic locks can be set to operate by key or by electronic access control systems such as fingerscans, keypads, and transponders. Users can also set three different lock functions: free, light, and total.

How do multipoint locks work?

Multipoint locks have more than one contact point with the door frame. Hinging on a single lock point, multipoint locks employ multiple (typically three) latchbolts, deadbolts, or some other locking contact to enhance burglar protection. Even though the locking mechanism is more complicated, multipoint locks still operate the same way a single-point lock does. When a central locking mechanism is activated, the centre deadbolt activates (in Multiblindo's light lock function, only this deadbolt is activated) while the mechanism also rotates two hooking latchbolts into position on either side of the deadbolt. The result is a vice-grip on the door frame that burglars will find impossible to pick.

The perfect high security multi point door lock for your needs

With new and exciting entryway security solutions developed seemingly every month, Iseo has nonetheless remained at the forefront of the security product industry. Multiblindo security locks are the perfect solution for any building type. Safe, secure, reliable, convenient, and easy to format, Iseo has crafted a multipoint lock that simply can't be bettered. If you're ready to invest in the highest possible security for your business, contact GDR Architectural today to arrange a consultation. Your security deserves the best

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