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Eden Park

Accessibility solutions.

GDR Architectural was engaged by First City Care and Eden Park to improve the accessibility of the Disabled toilets to meet the criteria for hosting the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022 & FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023. The project ensures that the Park meets the requirements of accessibility and inclusivity, making the events the most accessible and inclusive sports event, a goal laid out as a requirement for hosting the above World Cup Matches.

To improve the disabled toilets, GDR used the Record DFA 127 FU Automatic Swing Door Operators, coupled with Record Accessible Privacy Kits to fully automate the doors. These were also locked with Magnetic Locks. The Kit comprises a control board both internally and externally. The external Board features illuminated lights that indicate whether the toilet is free or occupied and entry buttons to activate the door opening. If the bathroom is unoccupied, the controller will automatically open the door. Allowing the person to enter. Once the door is closed, the occupant presses the internal "Lock door" button, which then disables the outside Board and illuminates internally that the door is locked and externally that the toilet is occupied. The boards also have Braille next to the buttons for the blind.

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