Slide channel with electromagnetic hold open device

The BCS2000 is a slide channel with an electronically controlled hold open device for fire and smoke doors. With adjustable and made to measure versions available to meet any need, this is the perfect solution for any type of door.

The standard version is installed on the pull side of the door, while the double leaf door version comes complete with a door coordinator. The door hold-open blocks are independent and can hold the door leaf open at angles of up to 150° (by adjusting hold open force). The maximum width of the door leaf, the BCS2000 may be installed on, depends on the closing force of the door closer itself (force 3 = max. width 950 mm; force 3 to 5 = maximum width 1250 mm).

The electronic circuit board operates with a power supply voltage of 24V DC or 48V DC, with a maximum power consumption of 2.5W, and features unpowered contacts for signals notifying the user of the operating status of the device (rest position/door closed position).

Compliant with standards EN1154, EN1158 and EN1155.


• For single or double leaves. 

• For fire resistant door. 

• Installation on pull side (standard). 

• Installation push side (limited). 

• Door width max.: 1250 mm. 

• Door weight max.: 120 kg. 

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